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Claire A B Freeland, PhD
Psychologist and Author

Psychologist & Award Winning Author 

Dr. Claire A. B. Freeland was a licensed psychologist in Maryland in private practice for over thirty years with a focus on children and their families. Wanting to extend her work beyond the office, she began writing books with co-author Dr. Jacqueline B. Toner for children and teens on subjects related to emotions and behavior. The books rely on research findings and clinical experience. They are useful for all children and teens, and can serve as a helpful adjunct to therapy. 

Now she has pivoted to writing picture books on a variety topics targeting all young children.

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The What To Do When series targets school-aged children. What To Do When It's Not Fair addresses jealousy and envy in a variety of contexts. What To Do When Mistakes Make You Quake focuses on helping kids accept imperfection. What To Do When You Feel Too Shy assists children in reducing their social anxiety. And What To Do When Fear Interferes teaches useful strategies for preventing and eliminating phobias. Each book contains information for parents and caregivers and activities for kids to do alone or with a grown-up. Using themes children can relate to, these books teach new ways of thinking, effective problem solving, and evidence-based approaches.

Books are available for sale from Magination Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your local independent bookstore.

Winner of a 2013

Mom's Choice Gold Award

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2017 Finalist

Foreward's INDIES Book of the Year Award

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